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Perform at your peak

At Back 2 Form we'll use our expert knowledge to keep you at full potential.
Your Friendly Osteopath in Manly & Northern Beaches

Everyday activities can cause various stress and strains on the muscles and joints, if these
stresses and strains aren’t balanced out they can lead to dysfunction and compensations.

At Back2Form Osteopathy, we strive to help you restore balance to the body to decrease
pain and symptoms as well as prevent dysfunction and compensations forming.


Our goal is to help you reduce pain in the short term and also achieve long term health.

Located in North Manly we are here to be a positive part of the local community and help
keep the beaches a healthy and happy place to live.

How can we help?

We treat people of all ages for a range of acute and chronic conditions including;

Neck & Shoulder Pain
Joint Pain
Upper & lower back pain

In addition to these conditions we can also treat these common disorders 

Sciatica,  Poor posture, Tennis and golfer’s elbow, Arthritic pain, Plantarfasciitis and other foot pain, Hip and knee pain, Ankle sprains, Sports injuries, RSI

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Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy is a form of holistic manual medicine that aims to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system. Basically, this means we use our hands to treat pain and other symptoms in joints and muscles.


A standard treatment would involve massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and other techniques to resolve pain and improve function. Exercises are usually prescribed to help aid the treatment long term.







Lachlan Cogan 

Lachlan graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2007 and has worked in multiple clinics in Sydney and Perth. He got into Osteopathy as he had an interest in the body and how it worked. Lachlan wanted to be able to help people with their pain so they are able to stay healthy and live a good quality of life doing the activities they enjoy.


Lachlan treats each person as an individual and tailors his treatment to their specific problem and needs. He is very goal oriented with treatment, whether this is just to reduce pain, return to sport and activities or be healthy enough to accomplish a goal like running a marathon etc.


When not working you can find Lachlan on the beach playing volleyball or on the golf course cursing at the golf ball.



Call us on
0432 398 419
Book online


Shop 1, 510 Pittwater Rd, North Manly
Getting Here:

Street parking on Corrie Rd or out the front of the clinic if available.


Buses from Manly and northern beaches stop within 100m of clinic.  

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