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First Treatment

What you need to know

At your first treatment, we will get you to fill in some paperwork to get some of your details. We will then take a case history to find out about your problem. This can involve the location, how and when it happened, what movements increase or decrease the pain. This will also involve finding out about your health history and current activities to help work out how best to help you. If you have any recent scans and images please bring them with you.


If there is no reason to not start treatment, then we will begin treatment at this point. This will generally involve hands on techniques including massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation. You will also most likely receive some exercises to help with the treatment.


After the treatment, you will generally feel one of three things. One, you may feel a decrease in pain and symptoms, you may feel you have better movement. Two, you may feel no immediate change. Three, you may feel more sensitivity in the area of your pain. This is a normal response due to the tissues being worked on.


Generally, it is advised not to do any strenuous activity straight after a treatment. After the treatment, the problem area can be more susceptible to injury so it is best to take it easy after a treatment.


As there can be a lot of information to take in on the first visit, your practitioner will send you an email with a summary of the important details you need to know. You will generally receive this within a couple of days of your initial treatment.

What to wear? 

The most important thing is that you are comfortable during the treatment.


With that in mind, the practitioner will need to be able to see and touch the problem area and surrounding areas. Generally, the least layers of clothing between the skin is preferable.


Most people will just wear their underwear and bra for women and underwear for men. Gowns are available and towels are used for draping. If at any time you feel uncomfortable please let your practitioner know.


Debit and credit card facilities are available at the clinic. If you have private health insurance, with extras cover for Osteopathy, you can claim on the spot with HICAPS and then pay the balance due.

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